Today I Am Grateful For

Today I am grateful for
today I am grateful for

+ Second chances
+ New days and new beginnings
+ People that send prayers to strangers
+ Meditation practices
+ Soul lifting music
+ The abundance of resources that come to me

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Today. In this moment. What are you most grateful for? Let me know in the comments.

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Today I Am Grateful For

Today I am grateful for
+ My loving and supportive family and friends
+ Days of rest and relaxation
+ Hugs from little ones that love me
+ The cool breeze on a warm summer day
+ Relaxing music that brings me joy
+ Hot tea that soothes my aching belly

today I am grateful for

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Today. In this moment. What are you most grateful for? Let me know in the comments.

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Winks From the Universe 02

I enjoyed sharing my previous Winks From the Universe and hearing the responses here and on social media so here are the current Winks From the Universe that I experienced.

Winks From the Universe ConsciousRose

+ Something that I have been waiting and praying on for a couple years now finally came to me. There was a lot of built up frustration, anger and resentment mixed in there so I know that I was partially responsible for holding myself back from this blessing. I have really been focusing on praying, visualizing, meditating and surrendering lately. I have also been consistently using my different affirmations and Switchwords. It really worked!

If you have ever came to a place where you just want to give up – do it. And by “giving up” I mean giving up having to control a situation. Also know as surrendering. As I found myself in tears one day I really let out a huge sigh and surrendered the situation to The Universe. I told spirit it was in their hands now and to guide me if needed. Within 24 hours a response was given to me. So trust that what you wish for is there but sometimes it is bigger than you and you should hand it over to God, Spirit, the Universe and so on.

+ An opportunity to use my skills appeared. I am always up for a challenge and even though I can’t share the details of this wink – it was totally unexpected but I am totally excited about it. When someone points out a skill (or skills) that you have and offers you an opportunity to utilize it – GO FOR IT! I am so excited for it!

+ After surrendering and giving my finances up to the Universe it blessed me with an unexpected BONUS on payday! If that isn’t the best winks ever – I don’t know what is. WHOOMP WHOOMP.

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Super Soul Sunday: New Season Premiere

Today is the new season premiere of Super Soul Sunday. If you have never heard of Super Soul Sunday it is a series featuring Oprah and a guest (or more) and always speaks on spiritual and personal fulfillment topics. I really think this is her “sweet spot” – it’s more than just an interview and there is always a lesson (or two or more) that comes from the conversation.

I am so exited because I always feel so good and inspired after watching this show. I feel like it is Oprah‘s little gift to us every week. It looks like this season is going to be a great one. It will feature Tracy Morgan, Joel Olsteen, Shaka Senghor, Reza Aslan and more!

I’m really looking forward to Tracy Morgan this season. His story is a wonderful reminder to not take things for granted and that you can overcome major challenges if you have faith and keep going. Just thinking about him makes my eyes water a bit. I hope that he is doing well and I can’t wait to see what Oprah speaks to him about.

For a taste of what Super Soul Sunday is about check out this piece from the archives: 10 Spiritual Gurus and Thought Leaders Share Their Morning Rituals. There are also other clips available to watch as well. Enjoy and feed your soul!

You can catch Super Soul Sunday on OWNtv – Sunday’s at 11am and 7pm ET/PT.

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Winks From the Universe

When I am really feeling grounded and religiously practicing feeling good and meditating I often have experiences that I call “Winks From the Universe”. Since it has become one of my favorite experiences I decided it would be nice to share them with you and hope that you have some of your own that you can share as well. So here are my most recent winks from the Universe:

Winks From the Universe ConsciousRose

Dragonfly flew right in front of me as I walked to class. I haven’t seen a dragonfly in a very long time and they have a special meaning to me. On that same day as I was walking from one of my classes a butterfly flew right alongside me. Growing up it seemed like I always saw butterflies – we even used to hatch them in our home – but as I got older I noticed that I don’t really see them anymore. Butterflies also have a special meaning to me and whenever I see one that is probably my favorite wink from the Universe.

I was contacted about a Freelance Writing opportunity right when I have “given up”. I believe you could say that I released resistance or surrendered. I noticed that when I do that – especially about something that is really frustrating me; I often have nearly instant relief and the winks from the universe really popping up all over the place.

Share with me your winks from the Universe in the comments below.

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Mini Life Update: January 2016

January has been a wild month for me.

That may or may not be an understatement. It is almost as if the beginning of the month started with everything in my life being tossed into the air and I am just now having things slowly fall into place where they belong. There was a bit of crying and some anxiety during many of those days.

The first couple of weeks during the month I felt extremely overwhelmed. So much so I didn’t even know what to do or where to start. Now that things are falling into place I have been able to really focus on the things that are most important and release those things that no longer serve me. It has been refreshing. Kind of like a detox from the yucky stuff.

I have been working on a lot of different projects, however, I have also learned to only take on the ones that really speak to me. Sometimes you have to really ask yourself some serious questions about where you are headed and if what you are doing is going to get you there or not. I feel good about the decisions I have made and there is a sense of relief that I experience from pushing through and doing some of the things I almost let fear keep me from doing.

To help me “deal” with all the craziness I have been meditating a lot (not as often as I would like, but more often than I did last year) and it has made a world of difference. It just makes me feel energized, focused and “ready” for whatever comes next. I love to meditate early in the morning when it is cool and I can hear the waves or birds in the distance. So peaceful. I also meditate mid-day when I need to either calm myself or prepare myself for something. These tend to be quick (maybe 5-10 minutes) and can really be done anywhere – in your office chair, in your parked car during a break. Love it.

Another thing I have been doing is using affirmations and reading + listening to some of my favorite teachers. The people that inspire me. People like Oprah, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Abraham Hicks (Esther Hicks), Louise L. Hay and so on. It has been wonderful. They always help me to get my mind and soul in a wonderful feeling place.

I am going into February prepared for life to just happen. I also know that my thoughts and beliefs can steer me in the direction of my desires if I allow it. I am looking forward to what this new month has to offer me and I hope that you are as well. I have been in a very “glowing” place as I like to call it. I feel so much love and joy deep within me.

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